About Sunburnt Treasures

My Shop Sunburnt Treasures was born and has continued to grow daily, as has my passion for Australian history. As you walk through our store you will experience a true trip down memory lane browsing through the many antiques, vintage and collectable items. 

We proudly stock such a diverse range of product and, for the sake of organisation, have managed to break these out into 9 main categories (and clearance sale items of course) for you to shop from online: 

  • Hides, Bags and Rugs
  • Garden and Homewares
  • Furniture 
  • Antiques and Collectables
  • Jewellery
  • Man Cave and She Shed
  • Handmade Creations
  • Workshops, Paints and Crafts
  • Salvaged Building Material
  • Clearance sale items
If you, like me, love to take a trip down memory lane, to learn or share your knowledge, or to incorporate the old and new into your home, feel free to drop in and visit us at Sunburnt Treasures.

Meet Pol Montgomery 

Raised in a small hard working community, I have many memories of my family making do with what they had, improvising, inventing, and making tools to get the job done. I grew to love and admire these simple but amazing inventions that were created to make our lives a little easier. 

After leaving my childhood home I travelled and worked around Australia for 20 years, I found myself continually attracted to the more remote areas and was lucky enough to work in jobs I loved. 

Worked on farms, stations, a crocodile farm, and spending two years swagging my way through very remote areas - I mapped part of Arnhem Land, Kakadu, Katherine Gorge and Edith Falls.

I was a ranger at Innamincka, Flinders Rangers, Tibooburra and The Pilliga. 

What an amazing life! I was experiencing such a diverse range of work opportunities however there seemed to always be one common theme. 

Wherever I travelled I would most enjoy learning and experiencing the heritage of the area, exploring old home sites and the evidence of lifestyle, finding those amazing pieces that they crafted with what they had at hand.  Yes.... I was definitely addicted to treasure hunting and collecting.

After having my two amazing, life changing children, my husband and I chose Gunnedah as our home to settle down at. Gunnedah has offered me a fantastic opportunity to share my love for gathering old collectables, the Aussie Battler created items, the treasures that remind me of my childhood.  

Sunburnt Treasures continues to fill my dreams of exploration and collecting and I couldn't be more proud of the community it has created along the way.

Have an amazing and full day, week, life. 

We hope to see you in your travels.

Pol. 😊